Sep 10

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The Fabulous Fifties, Remember 1959

A sentimental journey through the time warp of 1959 would find Robert Stack in the Untouchables, narrated by Walter Winchell. Each week we saw one of the eight million stories in The Naked City. Buzz and Todd barreled down the highways of route 66 while Broderick Crawford was on Highway Patrol duty, “10-4”. Mike Connors walked a Tightrope before becoming Mannix in the 60’s. Out west, Wade Preston blazed his Colt .45 while Gene Barry was a dapper Bat Masterson wielding his cane. Robert Bray took the Stagecoach West and later appeared on the revamped Lassie series. Jackie Cooper was the People’s Choice and Mr. Adams and Eve were portrayed by Howard Duff and Ida Lupino who wee married in real life, too. Dorothy Provine who was previously in the Alaskans with Roger Moore sang and danced her way through the Roaring 20’s. The sun shined dockside on Surfside Six for Troy Donahue and cast. Tropical Hawaii was the setting for Robert Conrad and Connie Stevens on Hawaiian Eye. Bourbon Street Beat starred Richard Long, Andrew Duggan and Van Williams,(later of Green Hornet fame). Kookie combed his hair on 77 Sunset Strip while parking a ‘59 T-Bird at the beginning of the show. Clay Cole got on the bandwagon for our local version of platter spinning. The pop charts lit up Sixteen Candles for the Crests while Bobby Darin searched for his Dream Lover. Ritchie Valens knew Donna, The Coasters laughed at Charley Brown, The Fleetwoods were Mr Blue and Jackie Wilson had Lonely Teardrops. Who could forget Frankie Avalon appealing to Venus for an ideal girl? Those were the days.

Ed note: Who can forget 2/3/1959 when the “Music Died”? That was the date of the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly (of the Crickets), Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper.

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