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Welcome to the Queens County Region, Area 11, VCCA

We work together, sharing ideas, thoughts and solutions as well as hosting an annual show for the benefit of the community.

We welcome new members and the doors to our meetings are always open to anyone wishing to learn more.

Our meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Meetings are held at the Silver Moon Diner, 235-20 Hillside Ave., Queens Village, NY

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Chevrolet Commits to Bolt EV Production

Chevrolet Commits to Bolt EV Production Game-changing, long-range EV to be built at Orion Assembly facility in Michigan 2015-02-12   /news_article_title CHICAGO – Chevrolet this morning confirmed production of its next-generation pure electric vehicle, based on the Bolt EV concept. It will be built at General Motors’ Orion Assembly facility near Detroit. GM North America …

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Judged Show 6/23/2013

On Sunday, June 23, 2013 our Queens County Region put on the Northeast National meet once again held at the historic Rock Hall Museum in Lawrence, NY. The grounds included craft and food vendors and free admission to tour the eighteenth century homestead of the Hewlett-Martin families. Rock Hall and Hagerty sponsored the show and …

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Remembering 9/11

by Docair Jerry Malkes I remember that tragic day so vividly. I was at home and neighbor Stuart Light called. “Did you see the TV, a small plane hit the World Trade Center.” I instantly watched the television and saw the horrific moments when the buildings fell. Later, I found out about a dear friend …

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

by Docair Jerry Malkes After canceling this car show on September 5th due to precipitation, the festivities on September 7th were just perfect. Various clubs such as the Centurian Cruisers, Long Island Dreamboats, Greater New York Region, ACCA (GNYR), Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) and especially the Southside Boys of Long Island were present. …

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Queens County Region – Area 11 Judged Meet

by Rich Pokorny On 8/12/2012, The Queens County Region of Area 11 held their first national judged meet at the grounds of the historic Rock Hall Museum in Lawrence, LI, NY. The show was a huge success! In attendance were thirty eight (38) members for judging and thirty (30) additional non-judged cars. The Queens Region …

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Don’t Rain On My Parade

by Jerry Malkes Not even Mother Nature could dampen a magnificent display of antique cars at the North Hempstead Beach Park on August 27, 2012. This was the second annual Fun Day Monday Hometown U.S.A. promoted by the Town of North Hempstead and The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Queens County Region. Included in this …

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The Fabulous ’50′s: The Years 1956 – 1957

By Genie Feminella When 1956 showed up, it brought with it Cavalcade of Sports that included women competing in roller derby. Playhouse 90 became famous for showing Rod Serling’s Requiem for a Heavyweight. In the Still of the Night by the five Satins played over the airwaves and has always been voted an all time …

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Wonderful Woodies

By John Linhardt California surfers adopted old wood station wagons to haul their boards to the beaches and were immortalized by the Beach Boys’ “Surfin USA”. But, what happened to those beach buggies? Wagons got used hard both as family cars and businesses. They were high mileage and when the wood rotted many were junked. …

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What Is It Worth?

By John Linhardt As an antique car owner, aren’t you tired of people asking “What’s your car worth?”. Most who ask are not really car buffs but observers. They seem to be more interested in the monetary value than your actual car, itself. Just exactly what a certain brand name car is worth in dollars …

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The Fabulous Fifties, Remember 1959

A sentimental journey through the time warp of 1959 would find Robert Stack in the Untouchables, narrated by Walter Winchell. Each week we saw one of the eight million stories in The Naked City. Buzz and Todd barreled down the highways of Route 66 while Broderick Crawford was on Highway Patrol duty, “10-4”. Mike Connors …

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