Oct 04

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Remembering 9/11

by Docair Jerry Malkes

I remember that tragic day so vividly. I was at home and neighbor Stuart Light called. “Did you see the TV, a small plane hit the World Trade Center.”

I instantly watched the television and saw the horrific moments when the buildings fell. Later, I found out about a dear friend of mine, an Emergency Medical Technician that I had become friends with in the Emergency Room when he delivered patients. I remember that he gave me an EMT belt buckle to wear in my pants belt years ago. …and he died serving his country helping in the evacuation that day.

When Paul Parnes led a parade of antique cars to St. Albans on September 11, 2012, I was so proud. When I saw the faces of the St. Alban’s Veterans at the hospital I was so proud. There were about 30 cars that cool morning. These were members from all clubs paying homage to our great country. Yes, I was proud that day.

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