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Feb 19

The Italian Corvairs

Covair Testudo conceptualized by Bertone of Italy

Original article was first published in the August 1980 issue of Cars & Parts by Wallace A. Wyss The famous Italian coach-building houses, like Pininfarina and Bertone, have tried repeatedly to sell Detroit auto makers on the idea of buying either styling plus coachwork on a new model or adopting just a styling concept. Pininfarina …

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Jan 24

Saluting the First Corvair


by Bob Stevens This article originally ran in the July 1987 issue of Cars & Parts, pg. 58 They called it revolutionary, futuristic and radical. Practically everyone was at least intrigued by it, and most car enthusiasts were captivated by this novel little newcomer. The object of all this attention was Chevy’s all-new entry in …

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